Retail Services

VoIP Services is a very fast growing industry. Especially in the last few years, many consumers truly appreciated all the benefits of communication over the Internet. Low cost services combined with an excellent quality and service availability all over the globe is the main reason for choosing this technology by millions.

Voiplatinum is offering Premium VoIP Services to retail customers. The Retail Platform is designed to terminate the calls with highest voice quality supporting such required features, as CLI, DTMF, FAX. The routing on the Retail Platform is made via Major National and 3g Mobile Operators to insure the best provided quality. Audio Text traffic and other kinds of Media Traffic are supported on the majority of destinations. For the full list of destinations supported on the Retail Platform and for the other detailed information we suggest you to contact our Commercial Department.

Call Center traffic is accepted via separate platform, which is able to handle any kinds of dialer traffic. We are increasing rapidly the number of vendors on this platform and adding new destinations on a daily basis. All the vendors support CLI, DTMF and FAX. If you have any specific requirements, please, contact us.