Voiplatinum equipped with superior and state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to achieve the best results. High technology is one of the main tools, which helps our team to maintain full control of the network, traffic flow and pattern.

The most advanced technology combined with professional 24/7 technical team enables us to serve our customers most effectively.

Voiplatinum operates its own reliable network based in certified data centers in Europe (Frankfurt) and covered by ISP backbone, such as DE-CIX, KleyRex, Level 3, TeliaSonera.

The main switches are equipped with load sharing system to increase the resiliency of the network and to insure the best voice quality delivered.

Currently Voiplatinum’s network supports over 5000 concurrent calls. At the same time using easily scalable system, we are able to increase the capacity in 2-3 times within very short period of time. Voiplatinum’s VoIP network supports such standard features, as H323/SIP (preferred) protocol, all main codecs (729/711/723), DTMF, Fax and also more advanced options, like all kind of secured connections via VPN and more. The TDM connection can be established via global peering networks.